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B103 Chamarel Roadblock Triggers Drop in Restaurant Revenue, Ministry Mute



B103 Chamarel Roadblock Triggers Drop in Restaurant Revenue, Ministry Mute
Image source: Defi Media

Restaurants along the B103 route from Plaine-Champagne to Chamarel are facing a dire situation as they grapple with the consequences of a road closure that has been in place since March 18.

The closure, which is expected to last nine months due to stabilization works, has left these establishments struggling to attract customers.

Despite efforts to provide alternative routes, accessing these restaurants has proven to be a challenge for both locals and tourists.

While officials claim that measures have been taken to support businesses along the route, restaurant owner Pravind has contradicted this statement, revealing a sharp decline in business and the possibility of laying off employees.

Last week, opposition MP Joanna Bérenger raised ecological concerns over the project. She claimed the works hide the ongoing destruction, noting that the site is home to rare endemic trees and the famous kestrel, a bird declared national in 2022 and in danger of extinction.

In a desperate plea to authorities, Pravind voiced his concerns on RadioPlus, highlighting the devastating impact of the road closure on his livelihood.

Multiple attempts to reach the Minister of Transport for a response on this matter have reportedly been unsuccessful so far.

Source: Defi Media

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