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Port-Louis Evacuation Plan Specifics from Husnoo Unclear



Port-Louis Evacuation Plan Specifics from Husnoo Unclear

Amidst the recent cyclone and the looming threat of floods, questions regarding the safety procedures for evacuating Port Louis have emerged, leaving citizens in uncertainty.

Apart from disaster management units and the police, there seems to be a lack of clarity on evacuation protocols.

Minister Anwar Husnoo, when pressed for details on the evacuation plan during a parliamentary session, failed to provide concrete information.

In response to inquiries from opposition leader Xavier-Luc Duval about the evacuation plan and the identification of flood-prone areas, Minister Husnoo remained tight-lipped, citing the confidentiality of the plan.

Despite demands for transparency, particularly regarding the 480 identified flood-prone sites, 56 of which are considered “life-threatening,” the Minister declined to disclose specifics.

During the session, which primarily focused on the aftermath of Cyclone Belall, Minister Husnoo reiterated that the police would play a crucial role in evacuating the capital based on the undisclosed evacuation plan.

However, when pressed further about the number of damaged homes and ongoing drainage works, the Minister provided vague responses, leaving Duval unsatisfied.

Duval persisted in demanding transparency, emphasizing that the public has a right to know about the evacuation plan, especially considering that they funded its development.

Despite assurances from Minister Husnoo that evacuation protocols were in place, Duval expressed disappointment at the lack of concrete answers regarding the extent of damage and the evacuation plan’s details.

Minister Husnoo emphasized the existence of a protocol involving traffic diversions and road closures to facilitate evacuation, but he refrained from divulging further specifics.

The session concluded with the evacuation plan for Port Louis remaining shrouded in mystery, leaving citizens concerned about their safety in the event of natural disasters.

Source: Le Mauricien

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