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Air Mauritius’ London Route Crisis: Hi Fly to the Rescue



Air Mauritius' London Route Crisis: Hi Fly to the Rescue

In response to technical issues plaguing its fleet, Air Mauritius has enlisted the services of Portuguese aviation firm Hi Fly to operate flights on the London route from March 24th to April 15th, 2024.

The national carrier has opted for a wet lease arrangement with Hi Fly, deploying an Airbus A340 for the duration.

Acknowledging the suboptimal nature of the aircraft, an authoritative source within Air Mauritius conceded, “It’s not an ideal plane.”

The source added, “We would have preferred an aircraft that fully meets the expectations of travelers, but there are currently no suitable options available on the market.”

A wet lease entails renting an aircraft from another carrier along with its crew for a specified period.

Air Mauritius clarified that this approach is a common practice in the airline industry for addressing operational needs.

Additionally, cabin crew members from Air Mauritius will be onboard all flights operated by Hi Fly.

Hi Fly specializes in providing wet lease services for its aircraft. Notably, Air Mauritius had engaged Hi Fly for a similar arrangement from April 1st to 15th the previous year, deploying an Airbus A340 with crew to maintain its Mumbai connection in India.

Passengers booked on the London route during this period will be presented with various alternatives.

They can opt to reschedule their flights to travel on alternative aircraft or choose to fly with partner airlines such as Air France or Emirates.

The current situation stems from technical problems affecting certain aircraft, particularly an A330-200 which has been out of service since February 24th due to a breakdown in Mumbai, India.

The aircraft awaits a new engine, which has proven difficult to source in the market. This A330-200 is one of two aircraft leased without crew (dry lease) for a duration of three years.

The timing of these issues coincides with a peak period due to Easter holidays, compounded by the need for comprehensive checks on some of Air Mauritius’ aircraft.

Source: Defi Media

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