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Activist Arrested for Monkey Rights Campaign at Hindu Pilgrimage



Activist Arrested for Monkey Rights Campaign at Hindu Pilgrimage
Image source: Le Mauricien

The police have arrested Ivor Tan Yan, an activist from Linion Moris (LM), on charges of sedition. The police accuse him of distributing leaflets on the Monkey Massacre to pilgrims on their way to Grand’Bassin for the Maha Shivaratree pilgrimage.

The activist was with his wife, Mansa Daby Tan Yan as well as Hans Sirahun and Shane Runnoo, two residents of Vacoas, and distributing pamphlets and stickers to members of the public to denounce the exploitation of monkeys in Mauritius. However, some individuals alerted the police along the way, believing it was not the appropriate place for such activities.

The police encountered this group of activists in possession of leaflets calling for an end to the Monkey Massacre and other posters, inviting people to a citizen march against the exploitation of monkeys, to be held at Champ-de-Mars on March 10th.

Ivor Tan Yan and the other activists were taken to the Vacoas police station for questioning. He has denied these allegations, stating that he is simply raising awareness among the public about the Monkey Massacre in Mauritius, with his message aimed at all Mauritians and not just a specific section of the population.

They appeared before the Curepipe court on Monday afternoon, where a provisional charge of “importing sedition publication” was filed against them. The suspects were granted bail against a Rs 10,000 bond each. The police did not object to their release.

They are represented by a panel of lawyers including Kailash Trilochun, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, Rama Valayden, and Anoup Goodary.

According to Kailash Trilochun, the arrest of his clients is arbitrary and there is no reasonable suspicion to justify their arrest.

Source: Le Mauricien

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