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Wirral’s No.1 Mauritian Spice Queen Shakes Up UK’s Culinary Scene



Wirral's No.1 Mauritian Spice Queen Shakes Up UK's Culinary Scene
Image source: WirralGlobe

Wirral chef ‘famous’ for her Mauritian onion bhajis has launched a new café. Devina Chapman, the proprietor of Devina’s Mauritian Kitchen in Woodside Ferry Village, relocated from Mauritius to Oxton in 2014 with her husband Gary.

While on a Visa, the 43-year-old worked for the NHS, but when Covid struck in 2020 she took the decision to venture into her own business, preparing and delivering homemade transatlantic Mauritian cuisine.

Devina revealed to the Globe: “I create everything from scratch. I roast, blend and grind all my own Mauritian spices, and I ensure all my meat and vegetables are sourced fresh. I initially began with pop-up markets at Woodside Ferry Village before being invited by Paula Basnett, Chair of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, to establish a presence indoors.

With Paula’s assistance, I was able to invest in new equipment and expand my trading days to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.” Thanks to the success of Devina’s culinary venture, she was able to leave her job and trade full-time in 2022.

She remarked: “Cooking is my passion. I did not attend culinary school; I have self-taught everything about being a chef.

Wirral's No.1 Mauritian Spice Queen Shakes Up UK's Culinary Scene

I have expanded my business and garnered a loyal customer base, as there are currently no Mauritian eateries in Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, or Chester – I am the sole provider. People come from Wales, Manchester, and even Lancashire to sample my dishes. I attract customers from all over the North, not just from Wirral.”

In December, a refurbishment announcement signalled that Woodside would be temporarily closed. Devina shared: “The Chamber extended an offer for me to work from an alternative space during the renovation works at Woodside.”

Wirral's No.1 Mauritian Spice Queen Shakes Up UK's Culinary Scene

On February 14, Devina moved into Unit 4 on Pacific Road in Birkenhead and launched her new café. She expressed: “The response has been fantastic – all my regulars from Woodside are pleased that I have a temporary venue during the closure of the market.

There are numerous offices in the vicinity, offering a new option for the employees. Customers can pre-order starting at 8 AM and collect during lunchtime, saving them from wasting their breaks waiting for food.”

Wirral's No.1 Mauritian Spice Queen Shakes Up UK's Culinary Scene

Devina serves English breakfasts in addition to Mauritius street food such as curries, noodles, and her renowned onion bhajis. She added: “My onion bhajis are what brought me success. They are substantial, homemade, and flavoured with authentic Mauritian spices.

The same applies to my curries – you won’t find a genuine Mauritian curry made like mine anywhere else, as it is all created from scratch using my own spices and powders.” Visit Devina’s Mauritian Kitchen from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM, at Unit 4 Pacific Road CH41 1LJ Birkenhead.

Source: WirralGlobe

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