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Mauritius Union Leaders Set Bold Demands for Budget Boost



Mauritius Union Leaders Set Bold Demands for Budget Boost
Image source: Defi Media

Pre-budget consultations in Mauritius are underway, with union leaders expressing concerns over purchasing power and salaries. They have until March 15 to submit proposals ahead of the upcoming Budget, deemed crucial by union leaders for improving workers’ conditions. Federation of Parastatal Bodies & Other Unions (FPBOU) President, Deepak Benydin, calls for Mauritius to become a high-income country to retain local workforce.

Large companies are urged to invest in better conditions for workers, with government assistance for small and medium enterprises. Population welfare is a priority, with proposals for financial aid for children and construction of daycares. Benydin advocates for a national Master plan on climate change and bamboo hedges for rainwater absorption.

Mauritius Labour Congress (MLC) President, Haniff Peerun, seeks to enhance purchasing power, control prices, and prevent rupee depreciation. He proposes a 50% reduction in TV license VAT, removal of VAT on CEB and Mauritius Telecom bills, and lower fuel prices. Peerun calls for digitalisation of healthcare, Sunday operations for dispensaries, and transparent recruitments in the public sector.

Delegating recruitment powers to ministries should be abolished, and contract recruitments of retired civil servants halted for promotion opportunities. Other suggestions include free internet for poor families, ferry services for transport, and government investments in buildings to reduce rental costs.

Union leaders meet at the Ministry of Finance for pre-budget consultations to address concerns regarding workers’ conditions and income. Proposals for improving living standards are expected by March 15, ahead of the last Budget under the current government. The economic status of Mauritius is under scrutiny, with demands for better salaries and conditions for workers.

There are calls for investments in population welfare and a focus on sustainable development measures. The government is urged to address climate change challenges and invest in infrastructure for long-term economic growth. Citizens are encouraged to have confidence in the economy and the government’s ability to address their needs.

Source: Defi Media

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