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Two Young Lives Cut Short: Tragic Motorbike-Lorry Collision



Two Young Lives Cut Short: Tragic Motorbike-Lorry Collision
Image source: Defi Media

Two young individuals, Manav Deena and Dhritee Jagmohansing, aged 19, tragically lost their lives in a collision between a motorbike and a lorry in Gentilly, Moka.

The accident occurred on Thursday, 1st February 2024, around 4 pm. The bodies were taken to the Victoria Hospital morgue for autopsy, which took place on Thursday evening.

Due to severe facial injuries, it took the police some time to identify Manav Deena, while Dhritee Jagmohansing had her identification card on her.

The father of Manav Deena, Anil Deena, received the heartbreaking news several hours after his son did not return home. He expressed deep grief upon learning the devastating outcome of the accident.

Manav Deena was known for his passion for mechanics and bodybuilding, having pursued studies in mechanics and worked in a garage.

His father was unaware of the young woman who was accompanying his son. The friends and family of Dhritee Jagmohansing also mourned the loss, with little knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The lorry driver has been apprehended and faces a preliminary charge of manslaughter.

Source: Defi Media

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