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Opposition Blasts Government’s ‘Criminal Negligence’, Incompetence, Chaos



Opposition Blasts Government's 'Criminal Negligence', Incompetence, Chaos
Dr Navin Ramgoolam

Navin Ramgoolam, the leader of the Labour Party, has asserted that the current government is “guilty of criminal negligence” and should declare a period of national mourning following the chaos caused by cyclone Belal.

People question whether it was a mistake to allow people to go to work and open offices in the capital during the recent floods. An ordinary citizen, Afzal Goodur, predicted the danger, while meteorological services failed to anticipate it.

The government’s Metro construction projects are blamed for exacerbating the flooding, despite expert advice to build on stilts to avoid drainage issues. The government is accused of incompetence, endangering lives and enriching themselves.

In March 2013, the Ramgoolam’s government faced criticism for its response to flash floods resulting in 11 deaths, which were linked to climate change and occurred for the first time. While the government acted appropriately given the circumstances, it could not have predicted the extent of the rainfall in advance. However, current government knew about the approaching cyclone Belal.

The government’s decision to close offices during the recent floods is seen as a panicked reaction without a proper plan. It is argued that people should have stayed in the office and been released gradually once the roads were safe.

A national mourning is called for to highlight the government’s negligence and show support for the victims. The opposition has postponed their press conference due to the situation, but will make their voices heard soon.

Source: l’Express

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