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Storm Belal’s Intensification Threatens Mauritius Next Week



Storm Belal's Intensification Threatens Mauritius Next Week
Image source: l'Express - Storm Belal's Intensification Threatens Mauritius Next Week

Tropical storm Belal is developing and could potentially impact Mauritius early next week. It has the potential to transform into a cyclone and intensify into a tropical cyclone as it approaches.

Currently, the storm is located around a thousand kilometers northeast of the island and is moving in a south-southwest direction at a speed of 17 km/h.

The atmospheric conditions and ocean temperature are favorable for the storm to strengthen as it nears the Mascarene Islands.

Météo Mauritius will release a statement regarding the storm later today.

Ram Dhurmea, the Director General of Vacoas Meteorological Office, has stated that the latest weather models indicate the likely formation of a tropical storm north of St Brandon, with the potential to affect the region from Sunday until Tuesday.

However, due to the uncertainties in the models, the situation is being closely monitored and weather forecasts will be issued accordingly.

Météo France predicts that the depression system could become a tropical depression today and transform into a moderate tropical storm tomorrow morning, named Belal.

The system is expected to strengthen further over the weekend and become a cyclone as it approaches Mauritius on Sunday.

It is important to note that while the computer models currently support these forecasts, caution should be exercised as factors may change in the coming days.

Source: l’Express

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