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Air Mauritius: Weathering a ‘Perfect Storm’ – But Still Flying High



Air Mauritius: Weathering a 'Perfect Storm' - But Still Flying High
Image source: Le Mauricien - Air Mauritius: Weathering a 'Perfect Storm' - But Still Flying High

Flight delays and cancellations have been attributed to a “perfect storm” by Laurent Recoura, the Officer in Charge of Air Mauritius.

Despite this, Recoura stated that the airline is now in a better position.

In a press briefing, he highlighted the positive results of flights to Gatwick Airport and emphasized Air Mauritius’ dominant presence on the England-Mauritius route.

Recoura also mentioned the financial improvement in working conditions for employees.

He stressed the importance of stabilizing the company and avoiding reliance on taxpayer funds.

The Officer in Charge explained that the airline is currently operating with a reduced fleet, which has become challenging due to increased demand.

He acknowledged the lack of replacement planes and described the situation as a “perfect storm.”

Recoura further mentioned the regular fumigation of aircraft, with a ten-hour immobilization process in case of infestation.

It is worth noting that the Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association has expressed concerns about the cabin crew’s working conditions, including excessive fatigue caused by continuous working, even on their days off.

Source: Le Mauricien

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