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Business Mauritius expresses optimism for continued investment in 2024



Business Mauritius expresses optimism for continued investment in 2024
Image source: Defi Media - Mauritius 2024: Kevin Ramkaloan's Economic Tune-Up!

In a recent interview, Kevin Ramkaloan, CEO of Business Mauritius, discussed the economic landscape for the nation in 2024.

Key points include the observed recovery in 2023, the imperative to enhance international competitiveness, and concerns over the government’s decision to increase the minimum wage.

Ramkaloan highlighted potential challenges for sectors like manufacturing and urged targeted support for affected businesses.

The interview touched on currency depreciation, the need for economic diversification, and emphasized sustainable and inclusive development.

Ramkaloan expressed optimism for continued investment despite the upcoming elections.

The CEO also advocated for transparent political funding and reiterated Business Mauritius’ stance on pension reform.

Overall, the interview underscored the importance of resilience, innovation, and shared prosperity in navigating Mauritius’ economic future.

Source: Defi Media

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