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Warning Against Hiring Foreigners on Tourist Visas



Warning Against Hiring Foreigners on Tourist Visas
Warning Against Hiring Foreigners on Tourist Visas

Soodesh Callichurn, the Minister of Labour, has issued a stern warning against companies employing foreigners entering Mauritius on a tourist visa.

He urgently called for an immediate cessation of this practice to avert potential sanctions.

Earlier, Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy had announced in the last Budget that individuals who arrive in Mauritius on a tourist visa would be able to convert it into a work permit.

However, this measure is currently in a state of abeyance due to the lack of necessary legislation.

Callichurn accentuated that all policies require legislative backing, and at present, no such support exists for this policy.

During inspections conducted across various companies, it was discovered that approximately 35,000 expatriates are engaged in different sectors without the requisite work permits.

This alarming statistic underscores the magnitude of the issue at hand.

Callichurn was unequivocal in stating that a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour is a prerequisite for a foreigner to work in Mauritius. 

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