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ENL Group Expands into Tea Cultivation on 450 arpents



ENL Group Expands into Tea Cultivation on 450 arpents
ENL Group Expands into Tea Cultivation on 450 arpents

ENL Group, a conglomerate in Mauritius, has announced its entry into tea cultivation as part of its diversification into agriculture.

The company, known for its involvement in sugarcane and fruit production, aims to capitalize on the declining tea industry in Mauritius and reduce the country’s dependence on imported tea.

According to ENL Group’s CEO, Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, between 30 and 40% of the tea consumed in Mauritius is imported, with locally produced tea being blended with imported tea stems.

Recognising the availability of suitable land in the higher regions of Mauritius, the company plans to launch the first phase of tea plantation on approximately 450 arpents (around 476 acres).

Espitalier-Noël highlighted the government’s support for tea planting and the strategic significance of large-scale tea cultivation in wet regions where sugarcane is not ideal.

This move aligns with the government’s efforts to promote tea cultivation and reduce imports.

The CEO emphasised ENL Group’s long-term commitment to the agricultural industry and its aim to contribute to reducing tea imports while promoting local tea production.

This foray into tea cultivation aims to rejuvenate the tea industry in Mauritius and exploit the favorable climate conditions in certain regions of the island.

Source: Defi Media

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