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SMEs Find 14th-Month Bonus “Practically Impossible”



SMEs Find 14th-Month Bonus “Practically Impossible”

Maya Sewnath, Vice-President of SME Chambers, states that it will be nearly impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to pay a 14th-month bonus as proposed by the Leader of the Opposition, Xavier-Luc Duval.

She said SMEs are facing difficult economic conditions, particularly due to the Rs 1,000 salary compensation.

Sewnath has suggested implementing a mechanism to assist SMEs if the proposal goes forward.

Meanwhile, opposition parties demand the bonus for individuals earning less than Rs 50,000 to counter inflation caused by the depreciation of the rupee. 

Duval justifies his request based on the profits of 19 major private sector companies. In 2019, he argued, these profits totalled Rs13 billion, while this year the figure is over Rs42 billion.

The Minister of Labour, Soodesh Callichurn, does not dismiss the proposal but insists on consulting all parties involved.

Source: Defi Media

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