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Minister, MP, Ex-President of the Republic before Court



Minister, MP, Ex-President of the Republic before Court
Minister, MP, Ex-President of the Republic before Court

Political and legal matters take centre stage in Mauritius this Monday as key figures, including Attorney General Maneesh Gobin and Parliamentary Private Secretary Rajanah Dhaliah, face the “Black Label Stag Party” case before the Supreme Court.

This case revolves around charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Hindu Priest Vivek Pursun, the plaintiff, is pushing for accountability in what he claims were “illegal activities” near Grand-Bassin, where Maneesh Gobin is alleged to have been involved.

The Director of Public Prosecutions will present his decision on this private prosecution.

Additionally, former President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim will also be in the spotlight, seeking permission from the court to approach the Privy Council.

She aims to contest the Supreme Court’s refusal to review the findings of the Caunhye report. 

The cases highlight the intersections of politics and the judiciary, underlining the ongoing legal scrutiny of significant figures in the Mauritian context.

The outcomes of these proceedings are anticipated with keen interest.

Source: L’Express

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