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Shocking footage shows Mauritian cop ‘planting’ drugs, video goes viral



A shocking new video reportedly showing a police officer “planting” drugs in the house of a resident of Bambous has gone viral, stirring fresh controversy around the Anti-Drug Squad.

Surveillance camera footage captured the scene: a member of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit was seen to be taking small packs out of his pocket and put them in an ashtray belonging to Vinessen Moonian.

Top FM released the CCTV footage.

Officially, the anti-drugs unit said it had searched Moonian’s home on 14 January and reported to have seized a quantity of drugs and cannabis seeds in an ashtray.

The search was conducted in Moonian’s absence – his wife was arrested.

Moonian reportedly agreed to take responsibility in order to have his wife released. He was arrested but released on bail on 10 February. 

“The footage is clear on how they set me up. This is shocking”, Moonian told reporters in the presence of his lawyers Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, Rama Valayden and Anoup Goodary, after filing a complaint at the Independent Police Complaints Commission on Friday. 

Political activist Bruneau Laurette and Wayne Ah Tock have previously both claimed they were framed by police. CCTV footage at Ah Tock’s house had shown an officer dropping a bag behind a couch – which was eventually ‘discovered’ by his colleagues and said to contain drugs.

Source: Defi Media, Top FM

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