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Casinos Union calls for vote in favour of general strike



Image source: Defi Media - Casinos Union calls for vote in favour of general strike

The employees of Mauritius Casinos are calling for a general strike due to issues with working conditions and salary concerns.

They have been complaining about the lack of response from the State Investment Corporation (SIC) for the past two months.

A peaceful march and sit-in are planned for December 2, followed by a general strike in mid-December.

The Casino Employees Union (CEU) has instructed employees to vote in favour of the strike.

The employees are particularly upset about only receiving 50% of their 14th-month salary.

Discussions on renewing the collective agreement have been repeatedly postponed, adding to their frustration.

The SIC has been informed of potential strike threats and stated that the casinos are still in financial trouble, unable to pay the full 14th-month salary. They will assess the employees’ grievances before taking any decision.

Source: Defi Media

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