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BoM Governor’s Salary Revealed, it’s almost Rs1M a month



BoM Governor’s Salary Revealed, it’s almost Rs1M a month
BoM Governor’s Salary Revealed, it’s almost Rs1M a month

Mauritius’ Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy has refused to disclose the salary details of Harvesh Seegolam, the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius (BoM), leading to public interest.

However, l’Express has cited the BoM’s 2022 annual report as revealing that Seegolam earns an annual salary of Rs 11,929,000, surpassing the previous governor’s earnings in 2014.

The report does not mention other allowances provided by the bank. Opposition MP Ritish Ramful also questioned the costs associated with Seegolam’s foreign missions, but the Finance Minister did not provide this information.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Seegolam receives a per diem of $1,000 per day. The annual report shows that Seegolam has undertaken missions to various countries.

Other BoM members, such as Deputy Governor Mardayah Kona Yerukunondu and second deputy Hemlata Sadhna Sewraj-Gopal, have also participated in international missions.

The Finance Minister cited provisions in the Bank of Mauritius Act, preventing him from disclosing the information requested.

The parliament’s speaker denied Ramful the opportunity to ask a follow-up question.

Recently, the Finance Minister confirmed Seegolam’s purchase of a Mercedes S450 Mild Hybrid, while the deputy governors received Mercedes CLS 350 vehicles.

Source: l’Express

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