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Mauritius Leads UNESCO Executive Board with 168 Votes



Mauritius Leads UNESCO Executive Board with 168 Votes
Mauritius Leads UNESCO Executive Board with 168 Votes

Mauritius has been elected as the top country on the UNESCO Executive Board with 168 votes during the 42nd session of the organisation’s General Conference.

This election, which took place on Wednesday, saw Mauritius surpassing countries from Europe, Africa, and even the U.S in the vote rankings.

The country was elected in electoral group five A, where seven seats were available.

Mauritius stood out by collecting the highest number of votes, with 168 votes, surpassing Italy with 155 votes, Spain with 154 votes, France with 153 votes, the United Kingdom with 150 votes, and the United States with 138 votes. Iran received the fewest votes in this ranking, with 97 votes.

The Executive Board, one of the three constitutional organs of UNESCO, is composed of 58 member states, with a four-year term.

It is responsible for reviewing the work programme and budget forecasts, ensuring effective implementation of the program.

Its biannual meetings, as well as an additional session in years of the General Conference, contribute to shaping the organisation’s initiatives.

Observers, whether non-member states, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, or other movements, may also be invited to participate.

Source: Defi Media

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