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Controversy: Mauritius to Restrict Recruitment of Director From India Only



Controversy: Mauritius to Restrict Recruitment of Director From India Only
Controversial Recruitment Sparks Concerns of Discrimination and Foreign Influence

The recruitment by the Ministry of Agriculture in Mauritius has raised questions about the decision to restrict applications for the position of Director of Agricultural Services to candidates from India only.

According to l’Express, despite the required qualifications being potentially available locally, the ministry will allegedly not consider suitable candidates within Mauritius.

For the position, a Master’s degree in agriculture or a related field and “5 years post-graduate experience at senior management level in the field of Agriculture” are required.

L’Express cited figures from Statistics Mauritius to claim that, for the year 2022 alone, there were 282 students admitted to the University of Mauritius and 41 in foreign universities in the field of agriculture.

However, it could not obtain the number of Mauritians holding a Master’s degree in this field from a local or foreign university.

This exclusive call for Indian candidates has led to accusations of discrimination against Mauritians and suspicions of favouritism towards a specific Indian candidate.

The selected candidate, who will have a high-ranking position, will only be accountable to the Senior Chief Executive of the ministry.

The perks of the position include a high salary, a chauffeur-driven limousine, and other allowances. This development has raised concerns about the increasing influence of India in key sectors.

Source: l’Express

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