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UK’s Privy Council Upholds Election of Mauritius PM



UK's Privy Council Upholds Election of Mauritius PM

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has ruled in favour of Pravind Jugnauth and his co-listers in constituency No. 8, delivering a long-awaited verdict. Defeated Labour candidate Suren Dayal’s appeal against the election results has been rejected.

Supporters of the MSM gathered at the Sun Trust building on Monday while government MPs were invited to witness the judgment. The case had been presented before the Law Lords on July 10.

Suren Dayal, who contested the 2019 elections as a Labour Party candidate, disputed the election of Pravind Jugnauth, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, and Yogida Sawmynaden in constituency number 8, Moka–Quartier-Militaire.

Reacting to the news, Pravind Jugnauth expressed his pride in the Privy Council’s verdict, rejecting the opposition’s claims of conspiracy. Jugnauth argued that the judgment “upholds the truth” and affirmed the integrity of the electoral system. He asserted that this decision is a “significant victory for democracy”.

Addressing his political opponents, Jugnauth called on them to accept the defeat gracefully. He also assured his supporters that there are further revelations to come.

Speaking to Le Mauricien, Suren Dayal claimed that “this is a battle lost not the

war.” The defeated Labour candidate claimed said that he fulfilled his duty by raising awareness about an election he believes was not entirely fair and free.

He remains confident that in the upcoming elections, the population will make an informed choice.

The leader of the Labour Party issued a statement expressing his gratitude to Suren Dayal for his tenacious efforts following the Privy Council’s verdict involving Dayal’s case against Pravind Jugnauth and his fellow candidates.

Navin Ramgoolam acknowledged his respect for the Privy Council’s judgment but emphasized his ongoing conviction that the 2019 general election was neither free nor fair.

Opposition Leader Xavier-Luc Duval commented that while the population is well aware of election irregularities and abuses, proving them in court, particularly at the Privy Council, has been challenging.

He stressed that despite the recent verdict, it doesn’t mean there were no abuses or procedural irregularities.

Sources: Le Mauricien, Defi Media, l’Express

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