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Rs6 Billion “Urban Terminal” at Immigration Square Halted: UNESCO Demands Changes



Rs6 Billion "Urban Terminal" at Immigration Square Halted: UNESCO Demands Changes
Image source: Defi Media - Rs6 Billion "Urban Terminal" at Immigration Square Halted: UNESCO Demands Changes

The proposed urban terminal at Immigration will not see the light of day anytime soon.

In a technical review report, UNESCO has demanded a revision of the design, warning that failure to comply could jeopardise the Aapravasi Ghat’s status as a World Heritage site.

To ensure the Aapravasi Ghat retains its World Heritage status, the UNESCO is insisting that the Mauritian government reviews the design of the planned urban terminal.

In August of last year, the government secured UNESCO’s approval to extend the Metro Express route from Place d’Armes to the Immigration station.

Five years of preparation and negotiations were required for this milestone. However, the construction of the planned urban terminal at Immigration will require much more time.

In July of this year, China CAMC Engineering was awarded a contract worth Rs 6 billion for the design and construction of the project.

The work was originally scheduled to span three years. However, with UNESCO’s requirements, it is uncertain when construction will commence and what form it will take.

Yihai International Investment Development Ltd was initially selected as the project’s developer by the Mauritian authorities in October 2018. The industrial lease is for 60 years and covers an area of 26,156 m2, equivalent to 6 arpents and 20 perches. The initial rental amount is Rs 1,045,800 per arpent.

The project includes a station for the Metro Express, a bus terminal, parking spaces for 700 vehicles, areas for 700 street vendors, a hotel, a food court, commercial spaces, and offices.

Source: Defi Media

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