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British Citizenship Requests: 5 Rejected, 400 Pending



British Citizenship Requests: 5 Rejected, 400 Pending
British Citizenship Requests: 5 Rejected, 400 Pending

As of November 13, 2023, five applications from the Chagossian community for British citizenship have been rejected, with 400 others still pending. 

According to British authorities, fraudulent attempts have been detected during the process of verifying biological lineage.

Descendants in Mauritius who submitted biometric data in December are still waiting for their registration, despite the expected processing time of three to six months.

However, British authorities now reportedly claim that additional time is needed.

The registration process for Chagossian descendants began in late 2022, with a requirement of waiting 12 weeks for a registration certificate before applying for a British passport.

So far, it seems over 6,600 applications were received for registration with over 1,000+ approved. There was an 0.07% rejection rate.

Olivier Bancoult, representing the Chagos Refugees Group, has reiterated the importance of proving Chagossian origins and maintaining the integrity of the process by establishing genuine parental links with native Chagossians.

Source: Defi Media

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