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Mauritius Receives 1,325 Tonnes of Rice from India



Mauritius Receives 1,325 Tonnes of Rice from India
Mauritius Receives 1,325 Metric Tonnes of Rice from India, Additional 795 Metric Tonnes Expected

Mauritius has received a shipment of 1,325 metric tonnes of long grain white rice from India, with an additional 795 metric tonnes expected to arrive within the next few days.

Despite recent floods and the need to cater to the local population, Mauritius is one of the top three countries to receive rice from India.

The Minister of Commerce, Marie Christiane Dorine Chukowry, expressed gratitude for India’s support and assured the public that there is no shortage of rice.

The Indian Government waived the ban on rice exportation upon Mauritius’s request, and a contract for 14,000 metric tonnes of rice has been signed.

Source: BW Businessworld

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