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FIU Inquiry Stalls, ICAC Won’t Collaborate



FIU Inquiry Stalls, ICAC Won’t Collaborate
Image source: Defi Media - FIU Inquiry Stalls, ICAC Won’t Collaborate

The Financial Intelligence Unit’s (FIU) investigation into Danesh Ellayah, a close collaborator of former Mauritius Telecom CEO Sherry Singh, seems to have hit a wall.

Ellayah is the leader of DNS Consult Ltd, which received several contracts worth hundreds of millions of rupees from Mauritius Telecom.

The FIU’s efforts to seize Ellayah’s assets have reportedly met with numerous obstacles, despite initial indications that he held considerable foreign assets valued at billions of rupees.

In particular, one of his accounts in Dubai was considered suspicious, as the FIU believed that large payments made by Mauritius Telecom to several companies (Mobimea Ltd, Anglomobility, and DNS Consult Ltd) connected to Ellayah may have been funnelled there.

However, the FIU isa said to be lacking concrete evidence to support its suspicions, and it now claims that the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is not cooperating, which would facilitate the FIU’s investigation.

The ICAC, for its part, insists that it is not standard practice to share information before a full investigation is complete and defeated the claim.

The FIU believes the ICAC’s lack of collaboration is because of its intention to establish a Financial Crime Commission that would place the FIU under its jurisdiction.

Source: Defi Media

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