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Luc Meyepa takes the helm of ITMA



Luc Meyepa takes the helm of ITMA
Luc Meyepa takes the helm of ITMA

Luc Meyepa has been appointed as the new president of the Incentive Travel and Meeting Association (ITMA) after a successful revival of the association.

Sydney Pierre, who held the position for three months, handed over the reins during the latest general assembly meeting where the ITMA’s future strategy was established.

Other elected members are Annick Thompson-Vellen (vice-president), Esmeeta Ramchurrun (secretary), Stephane Louise (assistant secretary), Annick Magnien (treasurer), Bruno Bosquet (assistant treasurer), Julien Noyaux and Ariel Lamothe (members).

With the support of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, the ITMA plans to organise several events in 2024.

Source: Le Mauricien

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