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FIU Appeals Ellayah Case Outcome Amidst Rising Pressure



FIU Appeals Ellayah Case Outcome Amidst Rising Pressure
FIU Appeals Ellayah Case Outcome Amidst Rising Pressure

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has filed an appeal against a recent judgment in favour of businessman Danesh Ellayah and his company DNS International.

The FIU seeks to contest the decision and reinstate a previously obtained Freezing Order.

The judge’s ruling had revealed that DNS International derived a significant portion of its income from state payments made on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office Security Division, totalling over $15 million since 2016.

The FIU was criticised for not fully disclosing this information when obtaining the initial Freezing Order.

The FIU argues it was not required to reveal all legitimate funds received by Ellayah, asserting that their focus was on specific funds related to contracts from Mauritius Telecom Ltd.

This appeal comes amid increasing pressure within the FIU, and speculation that FIU director Carine Charlette-Katinic may be a contender for the top position at the Financial Crime Commission.

The potential creation of the FCC has triggered a rivalry between the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the FIU, particularly in the Franklin case.

Additionally, the FIU has faced challenges regarding Libyan funds managed by Management Companies in Mauritius.

International organisation assessments of the Mauritian jurisdiction are scheduled for January 2024, potentially bringing further scrutiny to the FIU’s operations.

Source: Le Mauricien

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