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Water Crisis Sparks Urgency for Remedial Action



Water Crisis Sparks Urgency for Remedial Action
Water Crisis Sparks Urgency for Remedial Action

In a recent radio broadcast, water experts stressed the critical need for immediate measures in light of an impending prolonged drought in Mauritius.

Former Deputy General Manager of the Central Water Authority, Joseph Herman, urged a comprehensive overhaul of water management, focusing on collection and storage.

Despite prior pipe replacements, persisting technological issues demand attention.

Mamad Bundhoo, former Chief Works Officer, reported a substantial surge in water production, reaching almost 800,000 cubic meters per day. He advocated for the construction of additional service reservoirs across the nation.

However, Bundhoo also highlighted an ongoing concern: significant water loss, despite investments in pressure filters.

Lormus Jhugroo, director of the Water Resources Unit, emphasised the cruciality of monitoring this year’s rainfall data. Last year’s deficient rainfall for 7 to 8 months resulted in a substantial precipitation deficit.

Comparatively, current reservoir levels stand at 78.3%, down 2% from the same period last year. Jhugroo stressed the need to closely observe rainfall patterns over the next four months to better prepare for the impending summer.

Oceanographer and environmental engineer Vassen Kauppaymuthoo drew attention to the impact of climate change on precipitation patterns.

He urgently called for stricter construction regulations, particularly in water-deficient regions, and emphasised integrating water availability into urban planning. Immediate action is imperative in the face of this impending water crisis.

Source: Defi Media

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