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Court Maintains Money Laundering Conspiracy Charge



Court Maintains Money Laundering Conspiracy Charge
Court Maintains Money Laundering Conspiracy Charge

Sherry Singh, former CEO of Mauritius Telecom, faced a setback in the Port Louis District Court as his request to dismiss the conspiracy to launder money charge against him was rejected.

The court highlighted Singh’s involvement in the procedures related to the copper sale by Mauritius Telecom, emphasizing his signature on the relevant documents.

The police investigation into the case is ongoing, and Magistrate Prashant Bisoon expressed confidence in the institutions to ensure a proper handling of the matter.

Bisoon questioned the nature of the fund transfers, suggesting that they may constitute money laundering.

Singh expressed disappointment with the verdict but stated his respect for the court’s decision, also taking the opportunity to criticise the Prime Minister.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on March 28, 2024. Singh was arrested by the Special Support Team in May earlier this year.

Source: Defi Media

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