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Tourism Industry Faces Declining Service Quality



Tourism Industry Faces Declining Service Quality
Tourism Industry Faces Declining Service Quality

The tourism and hospitality industries are at a crossroads as the sector is suffering from declining service quality, according to Renaud Azema, director of Vatel, and Jean-Michel Pitot, CEO of the Attitude Group.

The industries have seen increasing global labour shortages, and a potential economic decline, with external variables such as demographic drops and community stresses that don’t look good for tourism post-Covid-19. 

Despite these challenges, Azema notes that there is a developing culture shift towards innovative approaches to reinvigorate the industry.

Azema highlights the development of ‘Employee Value Proposition,’ in the industry, providing staff with better conditions and encouraging further investment.

Jean-Michel Pitot, CEO of the Attitude Group, speaking at the Vatel Mauritius graduation ceremony, shared his belief that “diplomas are important, but attitude is even more important.”

Pitot said that the development of creolité through the hotel offering would allow for a further ‘differentiation strategy’ to overcome the challenges facing the industry today.

Despite challenges, such as concerns around climate change and rising water usage and stress, there is hope for those in the tourism industry who are taking a new and innovative approach to transform the sector and create better conditions to attract young people.

Source: Le Mauricien

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