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Cool Down Paul”, Opposition Leaders Tell Bérenger



Cool Down Paul”, Opposition Leaders Tell Bérenger
Image source: L'Express - Cool Down Paul”, Opposition Leaders Tell Bérenger

Opposition leaders met to discuss Paul Bérenger’s aggressive remarks towards Nad Sivaramen. 

Bérenger reportedly took offense to Sivaramen’s article titled “Dreams, Party, and a Broken Record,” which highlighted Bérenger’s political history and strained relationship with former ally Pravind Jugnauth.

Bérenger has been continuously seeking power since his term ended in 2005, while his party has diminished in size.

However, according to Sivaramen’s article, the Mauritian public has repeatedly rejected Bérenger and his alliances in the past elections.

Sources close to Navin Ramgoolam and Xavier-Luc Duval were cited as saying that they advised Bérenger not to antagonize the free and independent press, especially given the increasing propagandist role of the MBC.

Ramgoolam and Duval reportedly suggested that it is better to maintain composure rather than respond to an editorialist’s criticism.

The MMM has also announced a probe to determine the source of internal leaks to L’express, which may prove difficult due to close ties between party members and journalists.

The opposition leaders also discussed their upcoming final 2023 meeting, scheduled for Sunday, December 3.

Details of the speakers and agenda are yet to be finalised, and there will be no joint press conference due to the proximity of the meeting.

However, Bérenger plans to convene a press gathering to provide updates on current affairs.

Source: L’Express

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