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SIM Card Re-registration: ‘Avengers’ Seek a ‘Stay of Execution’ 



SIM Card Re-registration: 'Avengers' Seek a 'Stay of Execution' 
Image source: Defi Media - SIM Card Re-registration: 'Avengers' Seek a 'Stay of Execution' 

The legal team known as the “Avengers” intends to request a “Stay of Execution” regarding the mandatory re-registration of SIM cards.

This was announced by Attorney Sanjeev Teeluckdharry during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, November 22.

They are challenging the requirement for re-registration, primarily due to concerns about the collection of biometric data, including a mandatory photo to be included in the operator’s database.

A complaint was filed in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 21, by lawyer Rama Valayden and activist-jurist Ivor Tan Yan.

The two individuals are urging the court to declare the authorities’ decision as unconstitutional.

All current mobile phone subscribers are required to re-register their SIM cards or eSIMs by October 31 under the Information and Communication Technologies (Registrations of SIM) Regulations 2023, which came into effect.

They have until April 30, 2024, to complete this process.

Source: Defi Media

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