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6 out 10 Employees Fully Engaged to Employers, Report Reveals



6 out 10 Employees Fully Engaged to Employers, Report Reveals
6 out 10 Employees Fully Engaged to Employers, Report Reveals

Business Mauritius has released the findings of the National Employee Engagement Survey, unveiling significant insights into employee commitment within the private sector.

The survey, presented on October 5th at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene, reveals that Mauritius boasts an impressive 66% of employees fully engaged and contributing value to their organizations, surpassing the global average of 60%.

Madhavi Ramdin-Clark, Chair of the Social Capital Commission at Business Mauritius, suggests that while this is positive news for the country, there remains room for improvement, with one-third of surveyed employees still undecided about their level of engagement.

This presents an opportunity for businesses to implement incentive measures to further engage their workforce.

Furthermore, the survey finds that the primary reason employees consider leaving their jobs is related to rewards, although this extends beyond just salary, encompassing employer support, inclusive practices, flexibility, social benefits, and transparent salary structures.

In a surprising turn, the hospitality and catering industry emerges as the sector with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and engagement, despite being heavily impacted by the global pandemic.

Conversely, sectors such as finance and Information Technology, known for their high salaries, exhibit lower levels of employee satisfaction, potentially influenced by the high workforce mobility observed in these industries. 

Source: Defi Media

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