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Ex-judge calls for transparency in CEB/Corexsolar



Ex-judge calls for transparency in CEB/Corexsolar
Image source: Defi Media - Ex-judge calls for transparency in CEB/Corexsolar

Former Judge Vinod Boolell provided insights into the CEB/Corexsolar case this week, examining the implications of various decisions made around this highly controversial contract in recent weeks.

Boolell discussed the controversy surrounding the alteration of tender conditions after the contract was awarded, deeming it an unusual practice that raised suspicions of irregularities.

He highlighted the importance of transparent and fair contract awards, even in cases where organisations are not bound by the Public Procurement Act.

Regarding the involvement of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Boolell acknowledged public skepticism about the institution.

He raised concerns about the potential for the ICAC’s actions to hinder parliamentary questioning on the matter.

Boolell also expressed hope that the ICAC’s involvement would not be used to conceal the truth.

He highlighted the need for institutions to learn from past mistakes, especially in matters concerning public funds.

Source: Defi Media

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