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Sega in Zambia: Leaked Mauritian minister dancing video goes viral



A leaked video showing the Minister of Financial Services, Mahen Seeruttun, dancing on a stage alongside a Mauritian delegation, has gone viral.

The video was reportedly shot in Zambia where, according to Mahen Seeruttun, a gala evening was organized by the host country on 02 September.

“Participants at the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) meeting had one minute to showcase their traditional music. We showcased the sega and danced on the song “Li tourne” by Alain Ramanisum, which we find completely normal. However, it’s a shame that some people have used this video out of context,” Minister Seeruttun told Defi Media.

The Mauritian delegation was led by the Minister of Financial Services an comprised of the Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Financial Services, Sarwansingh Purmessur, ICAC boss Navin Beekharry and also representatives of the private sector.

At the ESAAMLG Council of Ministers on September 2 in Zambia, Mauritius was granted the “largely compliant” status on recommendation 15.

The country is now compliant with all (40) recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Critics have blasted the Minister and the Government for celebrating at a time when the downgrade by Moody’s is expected to have far-reaching economic consequences for the country.

The Minister is spotted in the far left of the stage. Video: Defi Media

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