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Unions Leaders Demand Salary Compensation Above Rs1,000



Unions Leaders Demand Salary Compensation Above Rs1,000
Unions Leaders Demand Salary Compensation Above Rs1,000

As tripartite negotiations loom on the horizon, trade unions are preparing their arguments for salary compensation.

Most union leaders have yet to submit their proposals to the government, but are in agreement that this year’s salary compensation threshold should exceed Rs 1,000 due to the rising cost of living.

Reeaz Chuttoo, the President of the Confederation of Public and Private Sector Workers (CTSP), stated that the union will not submit its final demand proposal until household expenditure data is released by Statistics Mauritius, and emphasized that the cost of living has continued to increase since the previous Household Budget Survey of 2017.

Similarly, Radhakrishna Sadien, the President of the Congress of Independent Trade Union (CITU), singled out rising commodity prices, food scarcity, and the changing lifestyles of working-class Mauritians as the main reasons behind the need for a salary compensation increase.

Haniff Peerun, the President of the Mauritius Labour Congress (MLC), echoed these views, and added that the loss of purchasing power, population indebtedness, salary erosion, and modern labour standards must all be considered when calculating this year’s salary compensation.

Source: Le Mauricien

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