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Turning Point for Mauritius Stock Market



Turning Point for Mauritius Stock Market
Turning Point for Mauritius Stock Market

In 2023, Mauritius experiences a significant shift in stock market investments, marking a departure from years of negative net investments.

From January to September, purchases amount to Rs 2.485 billion, surpassing sales at Rs 2.122 billion, resulting in a positive net investment of Rs 363 million.

The SEMTRI index dropped by 1.62% during the week, closing at 8,791.86 points. SEMDEX concluded the week at 2,087.18 points.

The SEM-10 index, representing high-capitalization stocks, closed at 377.88 points.

Notable transactions occurred on various companies, including MCB Group Limited and Ascencia Ltd. Out of 61 listed securities, 11 showed an increase, 33 remained stable, and 17 experienced a decline.

Some notable performers include BlueLife Limited and Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited. On the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM), DEMEX and DEMTRI indices closed at 274.54 points and 436.02 points respectively. 

The market capitalization amounted to Rs 53.3 billion. Transactions totaling Rs 3.9 million were recorded during the week.

The top five companies in terms of annualised total return since their IPOs are The Bee Equity Partners Ltd, The Union Sugar Estates Co. Ltd, Kolos Cement Ltd, Livestock Feed Ltd and Associated Commercial Ltd.

Source: l’Express

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