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Catholic Priest Suspended Over “Troubling Incidents”



Catholic Priest Suspended Over “Troubling Incidents”
Image Source: l'Express - Catholic Priest Suspended Over “Troubling Incidents”

The Diocese of Port-Louis has announced the suspension of all pastoral activities for Catholic Priest Jean-François Salomon.

The announcement follows “troubling incidents” related to Father Salomon that reportedly came to the attention of Bishop Jean Michaël Durhône.

These “incidents”, said to be linked to Father Salomon, have been deemed “serious and verified” following an internal investigation. 

Following his suspension, Father Salomon is no longer able to perform sacraments.

This priest had been serving in the Diocese of Port-Louis since 2020. In a brief video statement, Father Georgy Kenny, Vicar General, and spokesperson for the bishop, stated that out of respect for those involved, he would not disclose further details about the alleged incidents.

“I will not delve into the specifics of what transpired and how it happened.

The Church is a family, and within a family, difficult and grave situations can sometimes arise. Everyone is affected, and today, we are all affected.

Nevertheless, it was a difficult decision. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved…”

Source: l’Express

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