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Medine Achieves Remarkable Double-digit Growth



Medine Achieves Remarkable Double-digit Growth
Medine Achieves Remarkable Double-digit Growth

Mauritian conglomerate Medine has reported robust financial results, with revenues doubling to reach Rs 3.3 billion for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2023, compared to the previous year.

The company also saw operational profits triple, totaling Rs 940 million, while net profits grew by 14% to Rs 1.2 billion, up from Rs 1.04 billion in the previous fiscal year (2021/2022).

CEO Dhiren Ponnusamy attributed this success to the diligent efforts of their employees and highlighted plans for significant projects in land development, a new private hospital, and expansions in education and retail.

The conglomerate’s strategic diversification and investments continue to drive its growth. Medine is publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Source: Defi Media

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