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Witness Reveals Details about Late Kanakiah’s 23 Missing Files



Witness Reveals Details about Late Kanakiah's 23 Missing Files
Image source: Defi Media

On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Acting Principal Government Analyst Prakash Nirmal Babeea testified before the Souillac tribunal as part of the judicial inquiry into the death of Pravin Kanakiah, a Procurement and Supply Officer at the Ministry of Finance.

Kanakiah, 38, was found dead on December 11, 2020, at La Roche qui pleure in Gris-Gris.

During his testimony, Babeea presented a report from the “board of survey” conducted after Kanakiah’s death.

The investigation aimed to determine how many files he was handling and to take stock of the items in the Government Analyst Division (GAD) store at the Ministry of Health under his responsibility. Babeea led the “board of survey” team.

According to Babeea’s testimony, Kanakiah was responsible for 196 files and had 786 items under his supervision.

The majority of these items were equipment used for the proper functioning of the GAD.

When questioned by Senior State Counsel Me Damodarsingh Bissessur, Babeea revealed that 23 of the 196 files are missing.

These files date back to 2015-2020 and it is possible that they are no longer with the Ministry of Health.

Babeea suggested that a request should be made to the new Chief Government Analyst to investigate further.

Magistrate Ameerah Dhunnoo ordered Babeea to compile a list of these missing files and produce a complete report. The judicial inquiry will continue on July 18, 2024.

Source: Defi Media

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