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Speaker’s Unjustified Sour Mood Kicks Juman Out of Parliament



Speaker's Unjustified Sour Mood Kicks Juman Out of Parliament

Labour Party MP Eshan Juman has claimed that the interpellation that led to his expulsion from the National Assembly was related to investments made by the National Pensions Fund in Hold Attitude Ltd, a company owned by United Investments Ltd (UIL).

Speaking during a press conference, Juman revealed that the fund had invested approximately Rs 1.45 billion in Hold Attitude Ltd.

He also produced a letter from the National Pensions Fund dated November 2023, which showed that the fund was owed Rs 130 million in interest from March 2022 to November 2023.

“We want to know the details of the Minister of Labour’s actions, Juman said, as he requested that the Minister provide clarity on the matter.

“I’m asking a simple and direct question to Minister Fazila Daureeawoo through a report from the National Pensions Fund and the National Social Fund.

Tell me how much you’ve invested and where the funds have been invested. What’s going on? It seems like the Minister is hiding something in a single paper of the National Savings Fund. Daureeawoo is reluctant to respond regarding NPF.” stated Juman.

Juman alleged that the Minister of Labour, Fazila Daureeawoo, had failed to respond to his queries on the matter, and that UIL had not provided any information on the investments made by the National Pensions Fund.

The Labour Party leader, Arvin Boolell, also spoke out against the government’s handling of the issue, stating that Minister of Environment Kavy Ramano had failed to provide concrete answers to Parliament on the Privy Council’s ruling in the case of Eco-Sud, which is challenging the development project at Pointe-d’Esny.

“Kavy Ramano did not provide any clear answers to Parliament yesterday,” Boolell said. “It seemed like he was providing responses on behalf of the Minister instead.”

Meanwhile, UIL has denied any wrongdoing, stating in a statement that “all is well” and that all outstanding interests have been paid in full. This is contradicting Juman’s claims and implying that there is no issue with the investments made by the National Pensions Fund.

In his statement, Juman emphasized that he wanted transparency and accountability from the government on this matter. “This is the hard earned money of workers and implying 150 million rupees. There are indications that the funds have been poorly invested and the whereabouts of the funds are unclear.”

Source: Le Mauricien

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