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Constitution Amendment Bill and Political Financing Bill Rejected



Constitution Amendment Bill and Political Financing Bill Rejected

In a tense evening session on Tuesday July 9th, the Constitution Amendment Bill and the Political Financing Bill did not receive the necessary two-thirds majority to pass the adoption stage of the law-making process.

The developments at the National Assembly were marked by the return of Ivan Collendavelloo, leader of the Muvman Liberater, after his medical leave.

In a notable development, the opposition coalition PTr-MMM-ND voted against the bills, while three members from within their ranks abstained: Xavier-Luc Duval, Patrice Armance, and Nando Bodha. Within the majority, 42 members voted in favor of the bills.

The failure to secure a two-thirds majority means that the bills will not move forward, for now, as they require this level of support to become law.

The outcome is likely to be met with disappointment from proponents of the reforms, which aimed to address issues related to governance and political financing.

Source: Defi Media

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