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Areff Salauroo Joins Forbes Business Council Elite



Areff Salauroo Joins Forbes Business Council Elite
Image source: Defi Media

The prestigious Forbes Business Council, a globally recognized community of highly selected and esteemed business leaders, has welcomed Areff Salauroo as a new member.

Areff Salauroo, a former vice-president of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations, president of the African Confederation of Human Resources, and accredited member of the CIPD (UK), was initially considered for admission to the Forbes HR Council.

However, upon recognizing his new role as CEO, the selection committee evaluated his primary skills, the depth and diversity of his knowledge, and his experience in creating value for stakeholders for sustainable commercial results.

Impressed by his qualifications, the committee decided to admit him to the Forbes Business Council, designed for business leaders.

As a result, Areff Salauroo is now an official member of the Forbes Business Council and will have access to a community of expert peers and distinguished business leaders.

Areff Salauroo is the president of the Association of Human Resource Professionals of Mauritius (MAHRP) and also serves as CEO of the La Sentinelle group.

Source: Defi Media

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