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Supermarkets Run Dry on Daily Egg Supply



Supermarkets Run Dry on Daily Egg Supply

A shortage of eggs has been reported in several supermarkets across Mauritius, leaving consumers frustrated and wondering what’s behind the lack of availability. Photographs taken by consumers show empty egg shelves, particularly in the central regions of the island.

Inicia, one of the main egg producers and suppliers in Mauritius, denied any drop in production, stating that their egg supply remains constant and distribution continues as usual.

However, the company acknowledged a surge in demand due to increased consumption and added that some consumers have been engaging in “panic buying.”

Inicia also emphasized that they have not increased the price of eggs in stores and supermarkets for over five months.

The company’s statement seemed to contradict consumer complaints, which suggest that eggs are scarce in many areas.

The Consumer Association of Mauritius (ACIM) has also launched an investigation into the matter, contacting 24 supermarkets and receiving confirmation from 12 of them that there are no eggs available on the market.

Some retailers reported that deliveries are not being made as usual.

ACIM Secretary-General Jayen Chellum expressed concerns about a possible strategy to create an artificial shortage to increase prices on the market.

He has promised to bring the issue to the authorities’ attention.

Source: Le Mauricien

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