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Improving Fire Services, Acquiring New Fire Trucks & Trainers



Improving Fire Services, Acquiring New Fire Trucks & Trainers

To enhance the provision of services, the government has pledged to provide facilities to the Mauritius Fire Rescue Service (MFRS). As part of this commitment, the MFRS is expected to receive three new fire trucks from Spain in October 2024 and five more from Austria in January 2025.

The firefighters will also receive training and first aid equipment to provide quick assistance in emergency situations, according to Vice Prime Minister Anwar Husnoo.

This was announced during the Passing-out Parade of 76 temporary firefighters (Batch 2023), including six women, on July 8th.

Furthermore, new fire stations will be established in Goodlands, Anse-Jonchée, and Bel-Air, in addition to eight existing stations across the country, aimed at ensuring proximity to the population.

According to Minister Anwar Husnoo, the MFRS currently has approximately 900 employees, up from 600 in 2015.

The government’s policy is to increase the number of firefighters to improve the quality of service offered to citizens.

The move is part of a broader effort by the government to enhance the firefighting services in Mauritius.

The increased personnel and equipment will enable the MFRS to respond more effectively to emergencies and provide better support to the community.

In his address, Vice Prime Minister Anwar Husnoo highlighted the significant growth of the MFRS, which has seen a 50% increase in staff over the past five years.

He emphasized that the government’s goal is to continue improving the quality of service provided by the MFRS, ensuring that citizens receive timely and effective assistance in times of need.

The new fire trucks and equipment are expected to arrive in October 2024 and January 2025, respectively, and will be used to enhance firefighting capabilities and response times.

The establishment of new fire stations will also enable faster deployment of resources and better coverage of emergency situations.

Source: Le Mauricien

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