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ENL & Rogers Merge Under 1 Roof



ENL & Rogers Merge Under 1 Roof
Image source: Le Mauricien

As of July 1st, the headquarters of ENL and Rogers have officially merged, marking a significant milestone in the history of the two companies. The move, announced in January by the Chief Executive Officers of both groups, Gilbert Espitalier-Noël for ENL and Philippe Espitalier-Noël for Rogers, aiming to strengthen the strategic, cultural, and operational alignment between the two entities.

The new headquarters is located at ENL House, Vivéa Business Park, Moka, which marked a departure from Rogers’ historic headquarters in Port-Louis.

The merger is expected to bring numerous benefits to the companies, including improved efficiency, increased innovation, and enhanced service to customers.

Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, Group CEO of ENL, expressed his enthusiasm for the new strategic direction: “By uniting our talents, strengths, and energies, we are committed to serving the interests of both groups and their brands, ENL and Rogers.

“I am convinced that the expertise, passion, and dynamism of this unified team will strengthen the synergy between the two groups and boost their operational efficiency while bringing significant benefits to our collaborators, shareholders, customers, and subsidiaries.”

Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Rogers, added: “With this unified structure, we are opening the door to a future rich in opportunities, possibilities, and strategic innovation for Rogers. United by a common vision serving the interests of both groups, we are embarking on a new chapter in our journey together.”

The merged headquarters will be led by eight executives who will oversee eight departments. Céline Guillot-Sestier has been appointed Head of Communication, Shyama Soondur will head Culture & Inclusion, Damien Mamet will lead Finance, Virginie Corneillet will head Legal & Governance, Amaury Koenig will direct Strategy and Investment, Sophie Desvaux de Marigny will lead Sustainability, Manish Bundhun will oversee People department, and Hanjali Permalloo-Le Roux will direct Technology & OPEX.

Notably, the new headquarters boasted a strong representation of women in executive positions with a 50% parity rate among executives (excluding CEOs) and 60% among the teams at the new head office. This marked a significant milestone for the history of ENL and Rogers.

Source: Le Mauricien

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