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Abercrombie Market Revamp: Rs 105 Million Extra Budget Questioned



Abercrombie Market Revamp: Rs 105 Million Extra Budget Questioned
Image source: Le Mauricien

MP Osman Mahomed confronted Anwar Husnoo, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government, regarding the construction project at Abercrombie Market.

Mahomed questioned whether a new tender process had been initiated to restart the works on the multi-sport complex and music school located on the first floor of the market building.

Husnoo responded by stating that he had received information from the Port-Louis City Council that the contractor responsible for the project was AWL Trading and Contracting Ltd.

However, citing legal advice from the Port-Louis City Council, Husnoo revealed that the contract with the aforementioned contractor was terminated due to several issues encountered during the project’s implementation.

Following this, a technical team was formed to oversee the project, prepare designs and tender documents for the renovation works on the ground floor as well as complete the remaining works on the first floor.

Husnoo informed Mahomed that tenders were launched online on March 29, 2024, with a closing date set for May 7, 2024. The bids are currently being evaluated by the Central Procurement Board.

Mahomed also asked about the initial value of the tender, which was reportedly Rs 68.7 million before being re-evaluated to Rs 174 million.

Husnoo confirmed that the initial cost was indeed Rs 68.7 million but noted that it was revised due to recommendations to strengthen the ground floor.

Furthermore, Mahomed questioned why the Port-Louis City Council initiated a project on the first floor of the building when it was intended to renovate the ground floor.

He also asked if the council was responsible for issuing construction and land-use permits.

Husnoo explained that consultants and contractors were consulted on this matter, and the council followed their advice.

The controversy surrounding this project has raised questions about transparency and accountability in public contracts.

As the project is moving forward, citizens will be closely watching to see how it unfolds and whether any changes will be made to ensure its successful completion.

Source: Le Mauricien

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