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Sweet Success: LUX* Pastry Prodigies Rise to the Top



Sweet Success: LUX* Pastry Prodigies Rise to the Top
Image source: Le Mauricien

LUX* Grand Baie, a luxury resort in Mauritius, recently hosted an internal pastry competition that showcased the creativity and expertise of its talented pastry team.

The event allowed participants to present their sweet creations, each reflecting their inspiration, culinary vision, and favorite ingredients.

The competition not only strengthened the team’s skills but also stimulated innovation and highlighted their talents.

The winner of the competition was Adil Ramsahye, who impressed judges with his exceptional creation that will now be featured on the menu at LUX* Grand Baie.

Shannel l’Entété took second place, while Eugénie Mathieu secured third position.

Leading the competition, Executive Chef Simon Pacary stated: “At LUX* Grand Baie, we are committed to the collective development of our team.

This competition was carefully designed to present stimulating challenges and inspire our talented pastry chefs to push their limits.

By highlighting excellence through this event, we have also strengthened team bonds and encouraged innovation.”

The competing pastries were:

Adil’s “Exotica” consisted of a coconut praline, passion fruit and mango cream, and a passion fruit and pineapple jelly scented with lemon and vanilla.

Shannel’s “Tamassa” featured a chocolate biscuit, a spicy tamarind and pineapple insert, a tamarind cream, and a chocolate sablé base.

Eugénie’s “Opéra au style Mathieu” consisted of a chocolate and vanilla tart, a coffee buttercream, and a chocolate ganache.

This internal competition demonstrated LUX* Grand Baie’s dedication to fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment that encourages its team members to showcase their skills and creativity.

Source: Le Mauricien

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