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Opposition Vows to Vote Against New Political Financing Bills



Opposition Vows to Vote Against New Political Financing Bills

The Labour Party/MM/MDC will participate in the debates on the Constitutional Amendment Bill and Political Financing Bill at the National Assembly tomorrow, July 2nd, but will ultimately vote against both proposals, according to Labour Party MP and President Patrick Assirvaden.

Assirvaden made the announcement following a parliamentary committee meeting this afternoon.

He criticized the political financing bill, calling it “ill-conceived, poorly prepared, and containing unspoken issues.”

He expressed concern that the bill was not properly consulted upon and was presented just before the general elections.

In a statement to RadioPlus this afternoon, July 1, Assirvaden stated that the opposition is in favor of a good reform regarding political party financing, but not in its current form.

He emphasized that the opposition will participate in the debates to express its concerns and reservations about the bills.

It is worth noting that the bills may not be adopted without opposition support, as a three-quarter majority is required to amend the Constitution. The outcome of the debates remains uncertain, with the opposition’s stance casting doubt on the passage of the bills.

Source Defi Media

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