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Medine to Harvest 200,000 Tons of Sugar Gold



Medine to Harvest 200,000 Tons of Sugar Gold

On June 26, Medine, a leading player in the Mauritian sugar industry, launched the 2024 sugarcane harvest season, which is expected to run until early December. The company has projected an output of approximately 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane, which will produce around 21,500 tonnes of sugar at an estimated extraction rate of 10.75%.

The initial rainfall in January and April, followed by heavy rainfall in February and March, has significantly influenced the crop growth.

According to Medine, while climate variations pose challenges, the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability enables it to overcome these obstacles.

Patrick Lagesse, General Manager of Medine’s Agricultural Pole, emphasized that “we are aware of the challenges posed by climate fluctuations, but our investments in new technologies and equipment demonstrate our faith in the future of Mauritian agriculture.”

To ensure a safe and productive harvesting season, Medine organized a workshop on workplace safety in collaboration with the police and firefighters.

This initiative aiming to guarantee that all operations are carried out in optimal safety conditions.

In addition to its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Medine is continuing its ambitious reforestation strategy, covering over 300 hectares each year.

This effort is accompanied by significant investments in technological innovation. The company has recently acquired two new planters, precision irrigation systems, and latest-generation pivot systems controlled remotely.

These innovations enable the optimal use of water and enhance the resilience of crops against climate-related fluctuations.

Due to its relentless efforts in innovation and investment, Medine, with over 110 years of history and expertise, is continuing to position itself as a pioneer in the Mauritian sugar industry, ensuring sustainable and profitable production while proactively addressing climate-related challenges.

Source: Le Mauricien

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